About Us

Green Growth Global, LLC stands is an affiliate company under Michigan Global Trade, LLC, dedicated to catering to the evolving needs of the cannabis industry. With a commitment to sustainability and excellence, Green Growth Global takes pride in offering a diverse array of top-tier supplies meticulously tailored to meet the unique demands of the cannabis sector.


Led by Mary Ann Ferris-Young, the pioneering force behind Michigan Global Trade, LLC; Green Growth Global is a trusted and reliable partner within the cannabis industry. Green Growth Global is approved within the City of Grand Rapids within MLBE Program. Green Growth Global also works specifically with a cannabis bank to make purchasing simple.

Mary Ann,

Mary Ann Ferris-Young is the President and CEO of Green Growth Global, LLC and Michigan Global Trade, LLC, she has been in working in corporate America for 25+ years in sales, marketing and product development. She  uses her attributes to help Michigan Global Trade, LLC source high quality products worldwide.  She is also a mom to a 12-year-old, wife, and all-in Woman-owned business.

P.S. Her personal goal is to always get the best product for the best price and will do the same for you.

At Green Growth Global, we recognize the importance of fostering an environment where innovation thrives, and collaborations flourish. Our team of experts is focused in their pursuit of opportunities to elevate the client experience. We firmly believe that exceptional customer service not only contributes to our clients’ success but also fosters a lasting and meaningful relationship built on trust and satisfaction.